ATEA leverancier bij de centrale in Florence, Italie in 1897.


In mijn periodieke search naar "Atea" of één van zijn namen, vonden we in een rapport uit 1897, genoemd "Great Britain Parliament. House of Commons. Parliamentary papers, Volume 93"

Hierin wordt de telefooninstallatie van de stad Florence beschreven:

"Florence is now a branch office of "The Societa Generate Italiana dei Telefoni ed Applicazioni Elettriche," which has a capital of 240,000/., and is in possession of the telephonic exchanges of Rome, Naples, Genoa, Palermo, Venice, Leghorn and other important towns, with the exception of Milan and Turin, where the old local companies have formed " The Societa Telefonica per l'Alta Italia/'
The number of subscribers in Florence is only 900, and the following is the tariff of rates charged :
6/. 8s. within 1,093*61 yards from the central office.
7/. 4s. within double that distance.
8/. within three times above distance; and for further distances 5*. 8d. for every 218722 yards.
All the apparatus and other instruments were supplied by the Antwerp Telephone and Electrical Works Company. The wire is silicium bronze for the lines in the interior of the town, and steel or iron for the country.
All subscribers have the right to complete service, day, night, and Sundays. (..)

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